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Ellie Grace
Ellie Grace was born in Japan. She studied "Sogetsu" Ikebana, Japanese style of flower arrangement in Tokyo (Japan), Brussels (Belgium), and New York for more than 25 years.

Ellie Grace
When she lived in Belgium, she also studied an European style of flower arrangement with abundant flowers and colors, which differs so much from Japanese style arrangement of simplicity. That was when she started to be fascinated by Flower Arrangements.

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Besides "Sogetsu" Ikebana, Ellie has studied her floral techniques & designs through "NY Botanical Garden"(Floral Design course) and "School of Floral Arts" directed by Mrs.Matsumoto in NJ. Ellie has a talent of teaching Flower Arrangement and Ikabana Style, so her flower classes in NYC are always very popular. Ellie opened her Flower Arrangement School branch in Okinawa, Japan in 2010.

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As Ellie now lives in New York, she enjoys very much of her "Ikebana" style which is innovative and sensational, and she does arrangements at The Kitano Hotel & Hakubai Restaurant, Authentic Japanese Restaurant inside the Hotel (4-star Hotel at 38th St.& Park Ave. in NYC). And also, arrangements at Japanese Consulate General NY (48th St. at Park Ave.)

Ellie loves to see smiling faces and to make people happy. She believes she can give "uplifting energy through the beauty" with her talented flower arrangement styles and techniques. She established "Ellie's New York Floral Design" in 2002 with this same philosophy.

Ellie conducts flower classes in Midtown,Manhattan in NY. She has 2 websites of her floral works in Japanese.

elliegrace's Flower School in Japanese - Ellie's New York Floral Design

Basic knowledge of Flower Arrangement in Japanese

Currently, she offers Flower Arrangement Technique Course only in Japanese on Thursday night & Friday morning. She now opens "Basic Skill of Centerpiece" courses in English on Thursday night and "Season arrangements" like Thanksgiving and Christmas on weekends.  → more details


(These are Ellie's students' lesson works.) ↓ ↓ 

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If you are interested in taking some lessons offerd in English from Ellie, please leave a message from "Contact"page.

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Message from elliegrace

Flowers do communicate ! And flowers give positive impact on your soul and mind.

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Flowers can become a very powerful tool for a communication, not just only for expressing how much you care and love.

Touching the flowers, smelling them and looking at them can give you the soothing and healing effect for your body and soul.

When you are sad or ill, flowers have the power to help you escape out from a stressful life and give you a peaceful mind.

flower schoolAbove all, arranging the flowers and decorating them in your favorite place will give you more positive effects in everyday life. The nicely arranged flowers will enlighten the atmosphere at once, and give you the uplifting energy.

And you will feel more delighted! Maybe it is because of their colors, textures, shapes, and/or the sense of seasons, but I am certain that flowers have a power.

flower schoolI have seen and experienced that, through lots of smiling faces of my arrangement class students.

At the beginning, they were intimidated and they looked very curious anything about flowers, as they progress they seem to become totally renewed arrangers of much confident and satisfaction with flowers because they now know how to play with them. (Oh ! I enjoy teaching my flower classes !).

flower schoolSeeing my special one become more uplifted and delighted is my very favorite moment ! It is my theme through my flower arrangement work. When I arrange flowers I think a lot of the person I arrange for. I would be so happy if my arrangement could make you and your special person happier, too.

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