New Flower Class Schedule till December, 2012.

New Basic Centerpiece course-4 lessons (with Oasis floral forms)

New NY Style course-4 lessons in a vase (without Oasis floral forms)

New Fresh Flower Course

New Technique Course

【Schedule details】

★ Flower Arrangement:
Thursday : 6-8pm Technique Course
Thursday : 6:30 - 8:30pm Basic Centerpiece Course
Friday : 10:30am - 12:30pm Technique Course (currently full- no openings)

★ Sogetsu Ikebana Arrangement:
Currently, no class schedule. If you are interested, please email.

Flower Class Calendar in 2012

The Basic Centerpiece course is for beginners.
It will be on Thursday nights every 2nd and 4th week of the month, however it may vary depends on the space's schedule.

The class will start from 6:30pm till 8:30pm.

The place will be in Midtown NYC about 5 min. from the Grand Central Station.
15 W.44St. 11Floor, New York, NY, 10017
at the Japanese American Accociation of NY, Inc.

This class is a combined class with Ellie's Technique Course both in Japanese and English, which starts from 6pm. I have tried to reserve an another date and time for this basic course in English, however it has been difficult and has become a long time issue. I had many people wait for my classes to start, so, I will try to open both classes at the same place for this time.

If you become interested in Ellie's Technique Course, you are able to switch and start at any time.

If you are interested, please contact me through e-mail so that I will send you the payment instruction etc.
Mail to:

【 The Basic Centerpiece course details 】

Course description:
Using oasis floral foams, you will learn several arrangement styles like Round or Oval shapes with a knowledge of Color Theory. The color combination is extremely important for making arrangements because it gives instant impression of flowers which you present. There are hundreds kinds of flowers in a market to choose from.

So, it is valuable to understand the color harmony as well as making an exact style of arragements. I will show you how to make stunning arrangements with specific techniques which could apply in your future arrangements.

【 Color Theory Terminology 】

Same color scheme, lighter or darker combination. Often considered the most subtle and pleasing combination of color values.

One primary color with similar color scheme, like yellow and orange combination. One of the most acceptable and popular color combinations.

Any two colors which lie directly across from each other on the color wheel, like yellow and purple, or red and green combination.

The choice of color combination depends on the market condition of the week. The color will be chosen from Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple or White.

【 curriculum 】
1st lesson: Round
2nd lesson: Oval
3rd lesson: Candle arrangement
4th lesson: Basket arrangement, Horizontal Style

You will always start with Round and Oval. These two techniques are required to learn further lessons because they are very basic and essential that you cannot miss.

And the classes are offered as "4-time lessons" only. No single class will be offered as a trial lesson. As Ellie strongly believes that these 4-time basic skills are very important for understanding and making beautiful arrangments.

Date:   Thursdays. You can start from any date according to your schedule, but the number limit is 12 students.

  Japanese American Association of NY Inc.
  15 West 44th St. 11th Floor, NYC
  (Midtown in Manhattan, bet. 6Ave.& 5Ave.)

  6:30pm 〜 8:30pm (Night Time Class)

Registration Fee:  none

Lesson Fee:
  $60 each lesson(includes a vase or a container & flowers)
so the total of $240.

  Credit Card or Paypal
  You will receive an invoice of $240 to be payed by Tuesday of the week that you want to start.

It is required to reserve a seat by making a payment in advance. The seats are limited for only 12 people together in both courses. So, reserve by email and make a payment by Tuesday of the lesson week, all inquiries after Wed. are not included in a class for the week.

Cancellation Policy:
For each single class, No penalty if you cansel by the end of Tuesday. All flowers are prepared on Wednesday, so after that, $20 will be refunded with a check. You can arrange to pick up flowers by Friday between 10am to 1pm or else, choose to donate. No other time arrangement for a pick up.

No Course fee refund will be made without the notice of unbearable circumstances.

  By E -mail only.
  Please receive a confirmation email from Ellie.

【 NY Style Vase Arrangement course details 】

Course description:
This course is for those who completed the Basic Centerpiece Course (using floral foams). You will learn techniques to make a centerpiece arrangement with various vases without floral foams as you see many styles at the florist shops.

You will be touching more various flower materials. The containers are included.

Lesson Fee:
  $65 each lesson (includes a vase or a container & flowers)
so the total of $260.

All other details are same with Basic Centerpiece Course.

【 Fresh Flower course details 】

Course description:
This course is for those who completed the Basic Centerpiece Course and NY Style Vase arrangement Course. Ellie will provide seasonal flower material for free style arrangement. You will bring your own container.

The materials are same as Ellie's Technique Course Pro. Designer Course Level free style arrangement.

Lesson Fee:
  $75 each lesson(bring your own container)
so the total of $300.

All other details are same with Basic Centerpiece Course.

【 Technique course details 】

Course description:
There are 4 levels in the course. In Basic Technique Course, you will learn 8 Centerpiece and 7 Upright arrangements including 2 free styles. In Advanced, 6 Centerpiece and 9 Upright arrangements including 2 free styles. In Pro.Designer Course, 9 Centerpiece and 5 Upright arrangements including Visiting Flower Market, and also 15 free styles.

All together 60 lessons to complete techniques course of this Flower School. You will learn several Wedding Flowers, too. In Instructor Course, you will learn how to teach and conduct flower school.

  6pm 〜 8pm (Night Time Class)

Registration Fee:  $50 (non-refundable)

Lesson Fee:
For each lesson, $55 for Basic Level(15 lessons), $65 for Advanced Level(15 lessons), $75 for Pro. Designer Course(15 curriculum and 15 free styles), all together 60 lessone to complete the curriculum. Bring your own container for each lesson, you need 4-5 containers all together.

After each Technique Level, there will be a test. After you pass, you will receive a certificate of the course completion. The certificate fee will be $150, $220 & $300. There is "Instructor Course" after that.
I will explain more in detail about the curriculum when you visit if you are interested in this course.

   Please pay individually for each lesson with Check or Cash. Credit Card, Paypal are accepted if the payment will be made for several lesson fee together.

Date, Place, Reservation, Cancellation Policy and Registration are same as the Basic Centerpiece Course.

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