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silk flower
Since Ellie Grace loves to work with color combinations, she enjoys silk flower arrangements, too.

Ellie Grace offers silk flower arrangements for online orders.

So, if you like her work, check this page occasionally to see if she updates her floral products for special season, such as for Christmas or Mother's Day.

For example, here in the picture above, she uses grapes, her favorite ornament, to accompany with other flowers and a beautiful container in order to give much texture and richness.

silk flower
Here in US, there are lots of high-quality silk flowers available in the flower market. Key point is how to select among them and put them together to make it elegant and gorgeous.

silk flower
The price of the silk flower product depends on the size of the arrangement. It ranges from $50(small item) to $350(large size). Currently, the shopping site is under construction. Please wait for the update.

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