Wedding flowers by elliegrace

Need beautiful flowers for your wedding ceremony?

Ellie will guide you through wedding floral plans from bridal and attendants brouquets and receptions arrangements.

If you like Ellie's color combinations and flower selections, you can ask her for a free consultation.

(← $350 Grand centerpiece)


Ellie is recognised to be a good communicator.
So, she will keep you as a bridal customer very faithful.

Want to wed in New York or in Okinawa, Japan?


In New York, Ellie and her staff will work passionately to make your wedding beautiful with abundant flowers.These photos are at the central park in NY.

ny ny ny

Ellie Grace

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Well, how about a wedding in Okinawa?

Ellie opens her branch in Okinawa, and so her tastes and styles are applied to the wedding flowers at the tropical island, the south of Japan.

Use of tropical flowers like orchid and dendrobium make the arranagements so gorgeous and spectacular ! There, you will find them so much nicer quality.

You will see flowers everywhere in Okinawa Island. Okinawa is very close from Korea and Taiwan. In these days, Wedding in Okinawa is getting very popular.

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Wedding in White & Green

wedding3 wedding4 wedding5

wedding3 wedding4 wedding5

Wedding in White

wedding3 wedding4 wedding5

wedding6 wedding7 wedding8

[Customer's Voice]

Ms. Ellie,

I've taken a look at your blog, and I was drawn by your personality and the wonderful taste in your flower arrangements.

I can tell from reading your blogs that you really have a passion for flowers. I think it's wonderful to have such love for what you do.

I appreciate your helpful advice despite living on the other side of the globe, in Texas ! I'm glad I went to you for a consultation.

I would love to attend your flower arrangement lessons if only I had lived in New York !

Ellie sama,

Thank you for arranging beautiful floral arrangements for my wedding.

I love all floral arrangements including my bouquet. My mother was very happy about the arrangements, too.

Arigato gozaimashita.

Wedding in Orange & Yellow

wedding9 wedding10 wedding11

[Customer's Voice]

Ms. Ellie,

Thank you for providing the flower arrangements for my wedding the other day. Thanks to you, my wedding turned out to be an absolute success !

The bouquet and other arrangements were created beyond my imagination, and I was so excited about how gorgeous they all were ! The flowers actually became a popular topic at the wedding, and more importantly, they were all perfect for the theme of my wedding !!

Thank you for sending me the photos from the wedding. I will forward you the photos taken by the photographer as soon as I get them.

I am so glad that I asked you to decorate my wedding ! Thank you so much. Please extend my appreciation to your assistants who helped out with the process.

The flowers, the wedding, the reception, the cake... everything was just wonderful and prepared beyond my expectations. As a matter of fact, I was blown away by how perfect everything turned out, and I was the one preparing everything !!

I was impressed by your professional work. Thanks to you, I got a couple pats on my back from my husband and guests.

Wedding in September



[Customer's Voice]

Ms. Ellie,

Thank you so much for doing the flowers for my wedding.I really wanted it to be simple and pretty. Well, you did it !! I am very satisfied.

My bridesmaids all loved the orange-mango bouquets ! They were absolutely gorgeous.
Anna Witek

Wedding Bouquets

wedding15 wedding16 wedding17

wedding18 wedding19 wedding20

Prices & Wedding Consultation


Bridal bouquet: $250, $300, $350
This price includes one matching groom's boutonniere.


Attendants' bouquet: $100 and up
This bouquet should be matching to the bridal bouquet.


Reception decorations:
$100, $150, $200, $250, $300, $350 and up depends on the size and volume of the arrangement.
(← $300 Grand centerpiece)


Special handling fees:
If your order total is under $500, 10% of the total will be added.
No minimum order.

Free consultation:
One time, 45 minutes wedding consultation is offered free. So, do not hesitate to make an appointment. Bring your ideas and image pictures ! It should be a fun procedure to plan making your dream come true.

Payment & Cancellation Policy:
After making an invoice, a half of the amount should be made immediately for a deposit to secure the date. And please complete all the payments by 2 weeks prior to the event.

Please make a check payable to: Ellie's New York, Inc.

For cancellation: 100% Refund before 2wk. 50% by 7 days. 30% by 5 days.
And sorry, no refund thereafter.

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